Gingerbread Village

This year we had a few gingerbread decorating parties with friends. Here you can see the festive and delicious results.

So much fun. Very merry.


  1. Such variety. A whole gingerbread village.

    Have a very happy holiday.

  2. Very fun for the kids, big and small! We just finished our gingerbread house last night!
    I love your "silver and blue" posting from yesterday!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours, Mary Ann

  3. Thank you both! Wishing you and everyone peace and prosperity.

  4. Mary Ann, that's fabulous, looks like both adults and kids must have had a very good time, with plenty of finger-licking and frosting-tasting involved... love the pretzels on the roof !!!

    My sister-in-law (french) and her husband (lebanese) just came in from Beirut this morning, fortunately their flight to Paris was not cancelled, as many others were today. Am looking forward to catching up with them in coming days and hearing more first hand about life in Beirut these days.

    Wishing you and your family very happy holidays ! Hopefully 2011 will be a peaceful year in Lebanon and the world...