We've had a recent spat of stormy weather. Lots of rain, wind, more rain, more wind. Temperatures have dropped and long sleeves are becoming advisable, if not absolutely necessary most days. By January it'll be colder still, but that won't stop big leafy things like this one.

I love that it's December and this enormous green thing is still going strong, speckled with fantastic blooms of purples and reds.


  1. "Enormous green thing" is a great description. :)
    Be careful in that wind.
    Rain is better than the sandstorm. Rain smells much better than dust.

  2. Prickly green thing too I suspect.

  3. Yes I heard about the dust/sand! I too prefer rain. It did quite a bit of damage along the seafront. I'll post a picture of it soon. It's a bit overwhelming to think of how powerful the elements are.

  4. Yep, those elements can be so destructive when they want to be.
    We got one good thing out of the storm: a Roman statue came out when the cliff collapsed!