Stormy Weather

It has been a rain-soaked weekend. We're coping by staying in and not doing much.

From my apartment, I can watch as rainwater slowly erodes the facade of a house nearby. There are worse fates.

Tomorrow I'll be performing (I'm a violinist, too, by the way) with a choir composed of my husband's colleagues. It'll be festive and fun.


  1. What crazy weather, eh? We have snow in the north and the 3rd day of sand storm in my region. Yes, best to stay inside, far from falling and blowing objects.
    Wow, so you're a violinist too? Nice!

  2. There are surely worse fates than to be a facade slowly losing a little sand and mortar here and there over the centuries.

    So good of you to share these bits of details from Beirut, for those of us who have loved ones living there, it is a pleasure to see these glimpses. I liked the plumbers' windows too, so many places just seemed to be total anarchy to me while we were there. I don't know if you've ever taken the road that goes to Baalbek, but there was one long stretch with junkyards and car parts for kilometres on end. I've never seen so many chopped up BMWs and Mercedes in my life !

    Hope we'll get to hear a bit of violin playing someday, maybe uploaded to YouTube or something ? Your new profile photo is very nice, your smile is contagiously radiant.

  3. I love the violin, I wish I could hear you play!

  4. Thanks for the encouragement, everyone. The concert went really, really well. It was more fun than I expected it to be and the audience was perfect. They brought so much energy to the performance that it could not possibly have gone wrong.

    Owen, it's been years since I drove through there, and so I'll have to go again. You've got my hopes up.