Any Kind of Garden

Recently a friend explained to me that ages ago building regulations stipulated that residential buildings have a garden, and in that garden there had to be at least one olive tree, one citrus tree, and some kind of fragrant, flowering thing. I couldn't help thinking of that bygone era when I saw this:

. . . a garden attached to a lovely old residential property. It's amazing to consider what the city would look like if a garden was still required. There's be irresistible gardens everywhere.

Here's a context shot, showing a newer, neighboring building, built up on every possible inch.  Building this way has become typical, but when you see it next to an older home you can clearly see what's missing.


  1. That was a wonderful old law, even down to the stipulation of what should be in the bustan.

  2. What is a bustan, the front yard?

    I reckon they should bring back that old law. The comparison is very telling!

    An olive tree, a citrus tree and something fragrant, eh? I have each of those ... and much more. Gardening is one of my passions, I'm afraid.

  3. The building is so beautiful and absolutely improved by the garden.

  4. The contrast of the new vs. old architecture is amazing. And yes, I like this law, too. I would like to have this regulation around here - but, alas, no olive trees in a climate like this one (- 3°C right now)

  5. What a beautiful, stately old building!