Just Like Normal

As I write this, Cairo churns and it seems Beirut has settled into something like normal.


  1. Hopefully things will stay peaceful - the holes in the walls should be a constant reminder.

  2. I'm trying to focus on the lovely greenery on the balcony and not notice the bullet holes in the wall....

  3. But how that city has suffered ! You'd think they would never ever want to even think about starting again...

    I will pray that things remain normal, while enjoying your glimpses of walls and windows that tell infinite stories...

  4. There is a wall somewhere in Londo which has damage from the time of Henry VIII. It stopped me in my tracks. This wall has the same effect.

    There is an eerie beauty to it though ...

    Cairo has been a long time coming. Mubarek will be gone sooner rather than later. Not sure if that will achieve what the demonstrators want though.

  5. Dominic, I took a look at your blog. Your photography is amazing.

    Martina, it's my hope too. I wonder what the residents are reminded of when they see their damaged homes. Do they think "never again" or do they think "someday, they'll pay for this"? It's an unsettling question.

    Lief, I think that's very Lebanese of you! :-)

    Owen, recent events have made me hopeful - desperation (a prerequisite to acts of horrific violence) must not have worn the people down yet. It's my hope that all sides will exhibit dedication to peace and the rule of law.

    Julie--it's stories like yours that I tell friends back home about why I travel. I also have my doubts about the outcome of all this in Cairo. Orwell's Animal Farm comes to mind, a book I wish wasn't nearly as accurate as it is.