At Gou

It's my husband's birthday, and this is how we celebrated. It was warm enough to sit outside and enjoy three tiers of delicious delights.

We went to Gou for lunch and ordered tea for two. This tower of sweet and savory morsels came along with two pots of tea. We rounded out our meal with a bowl of soup and a sandwich.  It was absolutely delicious and fun too. We really felt pampered sampling so many tasty treats.

Gou serves brunch, lunch, and dinner and they have a separate menu entirely devoted to tea.  Their scones are fantastic, and I highly recommend the pumpkin soup and spinach quiche.


  1. Happy birthday to Husband.
    This picture of sweetness seems so opposite to all we are hearing.
    May the good life at Gou and elsewhere continue.

  2. What is Dina referring to? I have fallen behind on the perturbations of your area.

    The menu is in English - the bit I can see in the photograph. Which other languages was it in as well?

  3. Well Happy Birthday to the other half then, he's close to me on the calendar ; the end of January is clearly a very good vintage !

    Looks like a delightful plate of desserts, a fine way to celebrate.

    Very best birthday wishes to you all...

  4. Fabulous cake stand, just the kind of thing they serve at The Ritz in London!

  5. Dina, as they say here, Inshallah (god willing)!

    Julie, uncertainty is always an issue here. At present the parliament has dissolved because of the anticipated indictments of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon which has spent the past several years investigating the 2005 assassination of Rafik Hariri. Hezbollah will be accused, but they deny it counterclaiming that it was an Israeli-American plot which is why their representatives abandoned parliament thus shutting it down. Everyone is afraid of civil war.

    The menu was only in English.

    Owen, agreed!

    WDP, I've never been to the Ritz. Maybe someday! your photos of Winchester are very engaging.