What I Saw

I was on my way to meet a friend for coffee. I knew how long the walk would take and left home 15 minutes early so that I'd have time to wander a bit, to take pictures if I felt like it. I turned a corner, and this is what I saw.

A facade pockmarked and peeling in fading, mottled colors. Wires and down spouts at several odd angles. A cluster of overgrown, thriving green.

I'm glad I found it.


  1. Great shutters.
    I was going to ask something about the holes in the wall but I won't.

  2. I'm glad you did too ! We all get to enjoy it thanks to you.

    And yes, I echo Dina, great shutters ! Looks like they've been shut a long time though...

    And I won't say anything about the pockmarks either.

    The downspout technician needs more instruction though, imho, in doing installations that a a little less visible...