Doomed Scooters

I took this photo just a day or two ago. In it, police officers are standing near a flatbed truck loaded with confiscated scooters.

In the fall of 2009, the Lebanese government began confiscating and destroying scooters. They imposed a 6pm curfew and began enforcing existing requirements for license, registration, helmets, etc. Anyway, it had been a long time since we'd seen a truck like this one. If you want to read an article about the scooter regulations, here you go.


  1. Lebanon has been in the newspapers more recently.... should we be worried about your safety and the current political situation over there?

  2. Nope, not yet. :)

    There's always a chance that things will get scary but I live with that chance every day. Since the situation is completely outside my control, I've decided to follow the old wise saying, "don't trouble trouble until trouble troubles you".

  3. Let's hope the troubles don't return.

    As for scooters, I think that's a great iniative. I wish the same could be done here in France. Scooters are the bane of safe drivers anywhere. And cause god only knows how many injuries or deaths annually, mostly among young kids who should be in school or doing their homework instead of out zipping around on these things.

  4. Scooter regulations? Well surely, those have been reversed since then. I have to dodge scooters driving the wrong way on a nightly and daily basis!

  5. I was kind of shocked to read that helmets are supposedly required by said regulations.


    I'd love to see these regulations enforced, for the safety of everyone.

  6. They actually destroy the scooters?

  7. Oh yes, they do. Criminally wasteful, if you ask me. No one did though.

    Imagine the revenue that could be collected if they auctioned them--that's what the US does with confiscated property--I know it wouldn't be an enormous amount of money, but at least it's something.