Never Say Never

In Beirut there's lots of stuff that women don't do. Women aren't police officers. They don't serve in the army, they don't drive taxis, they don't shine shoes. Women don't seem to work in the kitchens of the little joints that sell street food. You'll rarely see a woman selling produce, and I've never seen one sell kaak or coffee. Women don't bag groceries in the hypermarkets, don't sweep the street or collect garbage. 

And until recently, I thought that you'd never see a woman fishing.

But there she is.  I was astonished and delighted to see her because she's obviously on her own.  She was there in the late afternoon and stayed around long enough that I bet she caught her own supper.


  1. Thank goodness this at least is allowed.
    You made a good catch, Mary Ann.

  2. Actually, there are Lebanese women serving in the army (this began in the late 80's when General M. Aoun was the army commander). There are women taxi drivers, although in a special service for women only (pink taxis, if you've seen them). There are also high ranking women officers in the police force, although they work in the offices of the internal forces. In most supermarkets and malls, women are the vendors or on the cash registers. Nevertheless, more could and should be done for women's right in Lebanon too :)

  3. That's all good to know Moussa! My text was based on what I have observed, so I'll keep looking. I'd love to see one of those pink taxis.

    The thing about the cash register is very interesting to me--I've noticed in many places that the only woman working in a shop is at the cash register.

  4. Here's a post (with phone numbers) about those pink taxis :)


    You're right about shops, women and cash registers, maybe because they're the wives of the shop owners or being more patient or simply have better smile than the men, or simply they are the owners of the shops.

    Keep observing and keep blogging :D

  5. That's a wonderful photo and observation... and I can only say : more power to women everywhere, more dignity, more decency. I often think that the world would be a far better place if the women were running the show... or at least if there were far more women in positions of power.

  6. There I was thinking that the Lebanon was one of the more enlightened states in that region. Although that said, it would be a rare sight to see a woman here in Yorkshire on a riverbank fishing. I guess that this is because it is not really something that appeals to many women.
    Have to agree with Owen, I too think that this world would perhaps better a place to live with women as more equal citizens.