Paint it Red

It was a few weeks ago that I saw this remarkable building along the Dora Highway. I was headed northward out of town. The time that has passed since hasn't worn away the shock of that red.

A few days ago I noted that purple isn't a common color for exteriors here. Neither is red. That's why I noticed this place because it wasn't red before, but now it shockingly is.

I'm kind of indifferent about purple but I love the red especially with crisp white trim. It makes me wish that everyone with a historic home would grab a can of paint and make our world brighter.

I say this knowing my own deep affection for the sandy color of Lebanon's native stone, for the color of age and paint long faded. I wish I could have it both ways. So scratch that wish, I guess.   I'll settle for half.  Half of you out there with historic homes do nothing, and the others, paint it on bold.


  1. My impression is that there are more red-painted homes out East than there are here in the Midwest in the US. I, too, love brightly painted houses. This one is a REAL eye-catcher, tho...must be its size.

  2. Wow. I LOVE this. A splash of color is so good. Thanks for sharing both text and photo the way you have done. Did you wait for the red colored car? ;)

  3. No, that was a lucky accident. I took this picture while driving--can't remember if I was behind the wheel or not, which means my memory must be going!

  4. I remember a storage warehouse painted their building red like this in Sydney and it was certainly eye catching. However the neighbours complained and they had to tone down some parts of it.