What's Left

Down on the Corniche, there aren't many old style houses left. This is one of the few that remain.

There's a part of me that feels a little claustrophobic when looking at patterns like the ones above the doors. I look knowing that the lines, angles and intersections could continue in every direction for ever and ever in unending and ever-repeating mathematical perfection. It's always on my mind whenever I see these patters. I can't help feeling drawn to the infinite since only a small slice of it is seen here.


  1. Those patterns about the windows are indeed very special! Looks like a grand balcony with a view!

  2. Looks nice.
    Great to have a balcony in the city.

  3. If these small windows create that impression, how are you with the large scale designs in some of the mosques. Some of the moorish are at sites in Spain was also rather phenomenal in that sense, or so I've seen in photos... Anyway, I like the balcony... a nice place to recline and watch life in the street I'll bet. Any sign of those Estonian tourists who went missing yet ? Lebanon doesn't need any press like that...
    Be well Mary Ann...

  4. No, but no country ever does.

    Much as I wish the report was false, it doesn't seem to be.