Thé, Clemenceau

There's a little tea lounge in Clemenceau that I'd been eying for weeks, called simply Thé.

I can't pass up a good tea, especially if it is served in a shop that makes me feel just a little bit decadent. This shop made me feel quit a lot more than just a little decadent. Being there with friends made the whole thing even better.

They had teas of many descriptions, and some were even in locked jewelers' cases--it felt like having tea at Tiffany's.

They have a variety of cakes and desserts and a sandwich menu to complement your cup of choice.


  1. Quelle "Fancy Nancy" place for tea and treats with friends! C'est formidable! Lovely capture of the elegant option for tea time!

  2. I agree with Leif! I'd love to stop by for a tea here!

  3. I've been meaning to go to this place. Wow, it looks incredible! Was it good though?

  4. Amazing! . . . and probably exquisite surrounded by friends. . . I just had a funny thought—one of my manly man friends sitting in one of those chairs. The look on his face would be worth taking him there!

  5. Looks very nice and very elegant.
    I would also like to have a nice cup of tea here.
    - Have a nice weekend!

  6. Yes, I'd say it was good. The tea presentation is lovely and my cup was delicious. My friends were happy with their selections too (they ordered a variety of teas, coffees and sandwiches). The atmosphere was welcoming and elegant, an endearing combination. I'll be happy to go back. Soon.