Cupcakes at the Cupcakery, Jean D'Arc street, Hamra.

The Cupcakery has a nice variety of straight-forward, classic flavors including lemon, chocolate and carrot. But it isn't about the cake--that's an afterthought, really--just a pedestal upon which a cheery pile of frosting is perched. And it really is the frosting that makes these cupcakes special. "The Queen", for example, is a very normal cupcake, a yellow cake if memory serves.  But it's topped with gorgeous pink frosting infused with rose and dotted with pieces of Turkish delight.

So, if you love frosting, this is the cupcake place for you!


  1. It seems that cupcakes are in fashion all over the world.

  2. Double yumm! Our 3 daughters would go wild there! And my wife would probably tell me to calm down, too! Delicious photo, Mary Ann!

  3. Definitely a frosting person.