Going Up

Beirut is a hilly city, and I love that because it means that here and there you're bound to find stairways tucked between buildings.

There are many stairways around town, some are humble like this one or humbler still. I'll post one of those tomorrow. Others are large, almost grand. I posted one of those last year, one of my first photos on this blog.


  1. Studying a street map of Beirut, I thought I noticed a bunch of streets that terminated in something looking like a ladder. There was no key to explain these, but I think you may have now. Mostly the seemed to angle away from the shoreline- which would make sense in terms of hills. Where was this particular staircase?

  2. Beautiful Pictures. Looks like steps to heaven.
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  3. That's a lovely spot, I would want to walk there often.

  4. Seeing this I want to walk up the stairway to see the view from the top.

  5. Nice if you don't have a baby stroller.
    Does Beirut ever have marathons? Pity on the runners in hilly cities.

  6. Stairways in cities are usually worth exploring... that's one thing I like in the Monmartre hill area of Paris... lots of stairs.

    And putting 2 & 2 together, I guess one would need to eat lots of frosted cupcakes in order to have the energy necessary for climbing all those stairs, right ? Is that your strategy ? Or were you just sharing those cupcake views with us out of pure cultural and scientific interest ?

  7. Nick, it's been too long since I last looked at a Beirut map, but that's a good guess. It's great that you have one with enough detail to show steps. These lead up to Lifestyles gym from the area just west of ACS and IC.

    Sailor, Pam, thanks!

    Steffe, the view from the top is hemmed in by buildings and trees, but I'll have to go back and see if I can find a way to frame it. . . .

    Dina, there is a marathon every November, and the poor runners are not spared Beirut's hills. I guess it might be possible to more or less avoid them, but the course hasn't in recent years.

    As for strollers, some parents use them, though when my children were small the stroller was more often frustrating than not.

    Owen, that's funny. I hadn't thought of the connection between these images. YES, if one must indulge in cupcakery delights, by all means adopt a walk-everywhere lifestyle to compensate. Most days I walk a minimum of four miles, sometimes double that if I have a special schedule or destination that day.

  8. Four to eight miles, good on ya! So THAT is why you find so many interesting details.