Selling Flowers

This poor car has seen better days, back before the front bumper began falling off, before the hubcaps disappeared.

I'm glad its owner, whoever the owner is, sells flowers. Flowers. It could have been anything in this city: fruits & veggies, foreign perfumes, car parts, cell phones, counterfeit DVDs, kaak, ice cream, watches & jewelry, etc.

But the car wouldn't have been improved quite so much if it was serving up any of those things.


  1. This makes me smile. What an idea! I like that.

  2. Well, I've used an old bed frame for planting in the back yard, so an old car out front makes perfect sense to me. And you're right, those flowers are just what this old car needed.

  3. A car as plant holder- a much greener idea ;-)

  4. I thinks That car driver is the flower seller, Thatswhy he decorate flower above the cars, And it looks so funny :)