New Road

In Beirut the weather is clear, bright, and sunny. There's likely to be little variation on that for the next five months.

I was out in that weather around mid-day, and happened upon this road resurfacing project.

How they ever moved all the rundown, inoperable cars from the road I'll never know.


  1. Hah! Yes, that is what made the photo so different from many of your other photos. Very slick work to remove the cars, and then get their task underway before more were 'dumped'.

  2. Great shot, 3 in 1, AND a reflection.

    An archaeologist directed us to this today and I thought of you right away:

  3. Excellent link! I have a whole book devoted geometric designs of that type in Morocco: nearly 500 pages of photos of wood, tile, stone, etc. Fascinating how it expresses the history of mathematical understanding. Thanks!

  4. You mean now *I* have to read it too? :)