Poetry Cafe

Recently there was a poetry reading at my kid's school. A lot of kids (grades 1-5?) participated, reading their own original poems. There were even some adults; teachers, administrators, parents who wrote poems just for this event. It was great.

Here the crowd listens attentively.

If memory serves, this kid's poem was about chocolate. I was impressed by the quality and variety of the poetry. The kids wrote about their fears, the foods they love, the way the wind feels on their skin, how much they love their closest friends or family, and how much they hate homework. Some were funny and some were touching, some were long and some were short, but all of them made me love poetry on a satisfyingly simple level.


  1. I love poetry as it makes one more appreciate the power and beauty of structured language.

  2. This is good... imho we need more poetry readings in our lives, at all ages.

  3. I think my wife and I will be teaching your kids music next year

  4. this is great and i totally second what owen said. poetry can be really helpful for kids and teens to express and channel their emotions

  5. Thanks for all the nice comments.

    Nick, I'm sure our paths will cross. Look us up when you arrive.