I pass this building several times every day, but I'd never take a picture of it until now. It's so very unremarkable, normal, and a little ugly.

Life is short and the circumstances of our lives are fragile, transient despite feeling (right now at this moment) that they are quite stable and permanent. But they're not. Change, chance, and fate never hold still. In deference, then, to the truth that someday I will no longer pass this building over and over and over again, to acknowledge that someday I might forget all about it, I've taken a photo in case I ever think to miss it.

And now, I'm ready.


  1. I like that everyone seems to be doing their spring cleaning! You picked a good day to photograph this building.

  2. The ubiquitous rugs out... Beirut must have the best aired rugs in all the world.

  3. I love the photo because I can see their Persian rugs airing out in the sun!