Tiled Balconies

There's something about these orangy-brown tiled balconies that I really like. The color combination is unusual, but pleasing (I think). And it's kind of cool how the blocks of color are layered, as though the architecht simply spread some color swatches out and thought, "yes, that will work!"

They're different, unlike any other balcony in the city probably. Maybe it's as simple as that. Maybe that's why I like them.


  1. I love the tiled balconies with the plants and flowers! The lowest balcony could use a little greening up, non?

  2. Your tile series is very very interesting. I wonder about the age of these buildings - they all look very 70's to me.

  3. Yes, they look 70s to me also. For me what works here is the layering of those panels. Then the colouring.