Book Bazar

I walked by this shop not long ago. Second hand stores aren't all that common, so the opportunity to "buy and sell old books" caught my eye. Also, not many places in Beirut have this much color. So I stopped and took a picture.

It was later on that I paid more attention to what they had to offer. I couldn't help noticing that Sex in the City in Arabic (below the big yellow Z in the shop's name) sits beside a book about Osama Bin Laden. I wonder if that was done deliberately.

Too bad their selection of books in English seems limited to works of philosophy and antisemitism.


  1. LOL Your unexpected closing sentence gave me a good laugh.
    It would be fun to browse there.

  2. Dina has a GSoH. I like the colour. I agree that mostly your images are earthly toned. What I like here are the two shelves down the bottom for displaying board books - like children's picture books. I am looking for something like that here.

  3. Whenever I miss Beirut, I look at your blog. Please keep it up.

    I've seen that shop before, but have never been in it. There is another on Hamra (on the street right before the one leading up to LAU, there's a parking right next to it) which I've been to before and has a pretty good collection. Too many best selling novels though, which aren't usually my kind of thing.

  4. Enjoyed your comments on this wealth of colour!

  5. In Hamra, Sidani Street just west of Jean D'Arc.

  6. I very much like the idea of Osama Bin Laden appearing as a love interest in Sex in the City.