Just above Bread Republic in Hamra, you'll see this:

I'm quite taken with all of this.  Tiny balconies, good for nothing except taking one single step forward into the fresh air, are never the less profoundly beautiful.  Shuttered doors leading out to that balcony make it that much better.  I love the flowers (or are they sheaves of wheat?) carved into the balcony's supports.  I've recently become interested in concrete balustrades but the strong geometry of this iron one is calling to me.  And the colors: the creamy, gray sort of beige and the steely blue combination stopped me in my tracks.  I love how the picture turned out, the light is exactly what I'd want it to be. And (this part surprised me), I'm growing fond of these typically-Beirut street lights.  I love that bold, black arc, like an open parenthesis over the whole image.


  1. We call that a 'juliet' balcony here in Oz. My daughter has one with pots of succulents hanging o'er. What I found interesting is, with your shots, I immediately look for the wires! Beyond the obvious one, I searched and finally found the wire providing electricity for the street light. It is partly submerged beneath 'blown' concrete, if my eyes don't deceive me.

    You know your little 'thing' about coloured tiles? I have been collecting images of tiled steps. Will run with it early next week. Just need a 'new' setting to make the comparison more obvious.

  2. Thanks, Julie. I'll be looking for your tiled step photos.