House of Dreams

Some people fly in their dreams, save the planet, exact revenge, show up naked.

I dream of houses. I dream them inside and out. I dream balconies and gardens, verandas and pathways. I explore, turning up secret rooms, whole other floors where marvelous things wait. There'll be swimming pools and libraries, guest bedrooms, curiosity cabinets filled with mysteries. I dream hidden passageways, secret cupboards, attic spaces and butler's pantries.

A house is a great place for dreaming.


  1. That house must have been dreamy when it was new! Looks like it needs lots of TLC at the moment!

  2. I went for a wander around here yesterday. Took me three hours to go about 8 blocks. Lots of shabby, not nothing particularly grand-shabby like this. Is there such a category as faux-hollywood ...

  3. I had a dream last night of wandering around with one of my brothers singing 'Bless 'em all, bless 'em all, the long and the short and the tall'.

    Woke up singing it ...

  4. Those arched windows are a dream in and of themselves.

  5. I think I mostly dream of travel but I sure do enjoy setting up house. The houses in your city are however so different from here.

  6. These sound like good dreams to have...

    Was just catching up with all your recent posts, was away for two weeks, you've clearly been having a fine time exploring and dreaming. Sweet dreams to you...