One of the Mysteries

Contradictions, inconsistencies, paradoxes, conundrums.

That's what you call it when you've got a handle on the facts, when you really grasp what's going on, when you can identify what the pieces are and how they interrelate in a bigger story of something that doesn't make sense.

But without that, without identifying the contradictory factors, or the premises that can't logically exist together . . . without that an analysis will never step beyond the domain of mystery. 

For me (most of the time), Beirut continues to be one of the mysteries.


  1. Thank you for your text today. I love the image, as so often, but for me, today, the text is paramount.

  2. You photos certainly convey a city of mystery to me ... it seems so closely populated and in a wonderful state of decay and construction. Old, new, refurbished in an exotic mix.

  3. Yes, best not to get too analytical about all the forces going in different direction and just accept the truth of it.