Late Afternoon

It's late afternoon and the setting sun shines down at just the right angle to light up a few wires strung across the street.

It only lasts a few moments and then it's gone. And it makes me smile to think that it'll be back again tomorrow.


  1. Such complexity, and yet a sense of precariousness. Like a tower built by children on the beach...
    Wonderful flitting light indeed.

  2. I have memories of incredible tangles of wires in some Beirut streets, cables running every which way. Like the building codes, electricity seems sort of chaotic and un-regulated... I wonder how much gets pirated ? Late afternoon is a fine time for photos.

  3. Eleonora, you're right. It's something I love about this city.

    Owen, piracy of electricity is rampant. Better regulation would help but there's a lot that's broken in that system.