Yesterday I posted about rebar and its role in most of the building projects that I see around Beirut. Yesterday's image showed bundles of it draped in a truck, riding into a reinforced concrete future.

Today, I have another image for you and like yesterday's, it was made possible by rebar.

I'll never forget the first time I saw a building like this, mid-demolition, sort of half there and half gone. Huge chunks of it had clearly been broken off but were not falling.  It was as though they were frozen.  Looking at it, I felt like someone had stopped time, turned on an anti-gravity machine, worked some kind of magic.

It wasn't anything like that; just some rebar that wasn't letting go.

Photos freeze everything anyway, so perhaps the magic of looking at a half tumbled-down building doesn't come across.

Or maybe it does.  Looking at the photo, I'm just as taken in by it as I was in real life. I find myself expecting the rocks to hit the ground even though I know they're not going anywhere. 


  1. Ya Allah, this is stupendous! This photo should get a prize and be seen around the world!

  2. Yes, good time-freezing shot. I have not seen anything like this, but I think most of our demolitions occur behind hoardings. There is something whelling around the back of my mind of a similar image to this, where things broken are held together with reinforcing .. cannot think of it. I will come back to it. Something more hum-drum and common than exploding buildings. Drats ...

  3. This is incredible, I've never seen anything like it.