Common Corbels

Another dip into the archives, another aray of corbels.  The scroll pattern is a popular one, seen in four of these today and one from yesterday. It's funny, but I considered leaving out redundant corbel patterns because we all know that once a thing is common it stops being special.

I included them anyway, in part because the truth about the scroll pattern is that you will see it everywhere. It's a very Beirut thing.

Lest I wear you out on corbels, I'll take a little break from this theme for a few days. There's lots more where these came from, days and days worth. But I'll wait.  I'd hate for corbels to stop being special.


  1. Architecturally, are they still corbels if they serve merely a decorative function? I have some of both. They have the appearance of corbels, but varying function. There is a mystery object Theme coming on on Saturday. Shall post with a link to you as my entry. Must get my act together ...

  2. Interesting question--google tells me that decorative corbels are still called corbels. Thanks for the reminder about theme day. I'm off to find a mystery . . .