Corbels From the Archive

It's been fun, sorting through my archives looking for corbels. I have a lot and today, I'm sharing the first batch.

Corbels are not the easiest thing to photograph. They're often hidden in shadow. In addition, I captured most of these images while trying to get a good shot of something else--I wasn't thinking about the corbel. I was focused on the windows probably.

Anyway, they're nice, and I have more of them coming tomorrow. I especially like the one on the top right, the corbel all on its own holding up nothing at all.

The other thing about corbels is that you'll usually see them supporting iron balustrades on balconies.  So, there'll be a lot of iron going on in these photos too.  That's kind of nice, since I've wanted to eventually get to focusing on those.


  1. This is going to be fun.
    We never know what you are going to get hooked on next, Mary Ann.

    And now you've got me looking for corbels here too.

  2. Same here, Dina.

    This is a lovely display, Mary Ann. The colours are very much what I have learnt of Lebanon from following your blog.

    The one by itself surely was not designed as such. Something has changed.

    I have a folder of terrace house verandahs ... shall have a fossick. The shadows are a challenge.

  3. Yes, the lone corbel outlasted the balcony. Who knows what happened to it? The original shot I posted here shows the balcony doors behind bars.

  4. Ah ... yes ... I found me a bunch of corbels during my walk on Tuesday.