Corbels Collage #3

Here's another group of corbels. I've decided that I like it when a facade has more than one color. I like the look of it more than monochrome.

And speaking of monochrome, I have some of that coming soon; a collection of corbels from downtown where everything is squeaky clean.


  1. I started off thinking I would pick a favourite. But I like them all. Around them now is getting very ornate. I like the red and the mustard, but also the bottom right.

    I found more corbels here today during my walk. Nothing as ornate as these, though.

  2. Some of these are unusually opulent.

    I can't wait to see what you found. :)

  3. Some great detail. I was thinking of taking some photos of balconies around the city, but never thought of what's holding them up!

  4. I think I like weathered ... weather monochrome or not.