Mystery in the Dark

Welcome to October, one and all. Around my house, we're already planning for Halloween. There will be costumes and parties and new recipes and fun. Halloween is the perfect time for the spooky, scary, strange and mysterious.

So it's fitting that the month begins with City Daily Photo's theme day: Mystery Object. Theme day is an international thing. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants

Over the past two years I've posted quite a few mystery items.
Check out
and this
and this.

Darkness is mystery's best friend.

And then the sun comes out and you see clearly.

Happy October!


  1. How delightful! I would never have equated the two. In situ like this, I even like the plastic chair. Never thought I would say that!

  2. Great to see the contrasts ... though in this case I like the mystery of night best.

  3. the lighting at night is much better and more eery and interesting

  4. Julie, I've often wondered if in 50 years the humble plastic chair will be a nostalgia item. That would be funny and a little pathetic. Yet I can't help thinking it's terribly likely.

    Joan, I prefer the nighttime shot too--I love capturing electric lights in the darkness.

    Julie SDP, thanks for stopping in!

  5. Yes, mystery is fun, especially in the dark!