Downtown Corbels, Monochrome

This is Downtown, where most every building is creamy, brownish, beige. It's all startlingly clean, which I think make the monochromatic stone stand out even more.

Downtown isn't Beirut's most colorful neighborhood. But, if you want is to look around at a wide variety of carved stone facades, this is the place to find them.

At first, all that creamy, brownish, beige might fool you into thinking that the carved shapes are all the same too. They aren't. Once you get used to the color you look beyond it and you see the forms, an amazing variety of shapes and surprising details that were always there waiting for you to notice them.

This collage emphasizes the corbels, which illustrate Downtown's variety of stonework quite well I think.


  1. oo yes, I find the shades of colour most entrancing. I love the corbel in the centre with the appearance of fluttering pages in a book. Also the one on the RHS which is in the centre of the 'patio' and like a set of steps. The variety is quite astounding. As though it were deliberate ...

  2. The balconies are always interesting and quite appealing in appearance.

  3. Hice photos, love the arch in the top left, it's quite amazing the workmanship they put in these...
    Also the balcony in the bottom centre, is that a single sheet of marble - i wouldn't dare step out on that!

  4. Nice and artistic both the architecture and the way you composed this posting.

    Gunn / Stavangerdailyphoto.com