A Good Balcony

Balconies are such a delight, and for so many reasons.

They look wonderful on a facade, usually adding depth and variety at the very least. You might also get a cool pattern in the balustrade or the corbels and that's even better.

Plus, urban residents tend to enjoy balconies--I've lived without one in the past and I really hope I'll never have to do that again. So when I see a balcony I feel happy for the people who live there and assume their quality of life is a little better for it.

Finally, balconies make sense in climates where you'd like to be out-of-doors for a good part of the year. That alone is a very happy thought.

This is a good balcony. It looks peaceful. The white and black combination is pleasant and I like this iron balustrade, the little curls and near symmetry of it. The corbels are boring, but they're getting the job done.


  1. I like the wrought iron pattern. I am no longer able, in my suburb, to distinguish old WI from new WI which is a pity. But, yes, to live without access to the outside is soul-destroying. Indeed, I need access to 'ground' - dirt of some sort. I have a courtyard, and my daughter has the smallest of balconies. But they each, in their own way, make such a difference to our lives.

    I must organise to post more corbels during this week coming. Them and the house to which they belong.