Really Little Balcony

This is one of my older photos, one that turned up while I was looking for varieties of Beirut corbels.

In the foreground you can see a really little balcony outfitted with bars holding lines to hang the laundry out.

This house is among the oldest on the street where it stands. It's still inhabited, happily. In the background you can see an abandoned apartment building that would be crazy amazing if it were refurbished.


  1. My eyes simply did not see those washing lines until you pointed them out. The balcony of my daughter is about this wide. Wide enough for the door to j-u-s-t open. But we (mostly me!) have hung flower baskets over the edge and it is now very nicely trimmed thank you very much.

    I suspect it would take lots of money (too much??) to get that rear apartment back into the mainstream. Although those windows/porches look of interest.

  2. love the colours, especially touch of green (or more likely turquoise).