Rainbow Electric Cascade

It would have taken magic of one kind or another to get that crazy cascade or electic wires out of my picture. I was, after all, interested in the balcony. I mean, look at that balustrade; iron swirling in a generous arc the likes of which I had never seen anywhere else. If I'd been able to make the wires vanish (and gauze and those wooden masts) I'd have done it.

I'd still love to have that picture, the one without the cascade of rainbow colored cabeling. But this is the one I have, and I'm inclined to accept that as it is.


  1. The color mix of the cables actually is pretty.

    What is that gauze netting stuff for?

  2. The number of wires a little hide the beauty of the building. This is common in many cities. Here in Brazil are beginning to put the wires underground is one way to make the city more beautiful.

    Greetings from Roberto

  3. Ditto from me too - what is the gauze for? Protection from birds for some sort of crop? Tomatoes?

    The balcony is very handsome indeed. the swirls and the window/door arrangement. It would be lovely to see it bedecked with cascades of flowers.

    But I accept it for what it is too ...

  4. Dina and Julie, I'm fairly sure that the gauze had become detached from a nearby construction site. I'm still not totally sure what the function may be. To contain dust and debris, perhaps?

    Roberto, sometimes I imagine my city without the wires. Takes some effort and the result is a painfully beautiful thing.

  5. Some of those Beirut wires I thought rather beautiful in a sculptural sort of way when I went in 1993 and 1994; but also, I would have thought they would by now be a historical curiosity and not infest photos!

    An odd thing I find with powerlines and telephone wires, in England anyway, is that you sort of tune them out in real life, not really noticing them; then when you see a photo of the same scene the lines can be like a big scratch across the picture.

    Still, it's been going a while - see this 1905 US pic on Shorpy: http://www.shorpy.com/node/10248

  6. Yes, our eyes play tricks on us. It's as though we edit with our eyes or brains, but the camera doesn't.

  7. Wonderful details, outside the "white" flat!:)