Google is Thinking of You

For better or worse, I almost always start my day with my PC, the world wide web and Google.

Today is Independence Day, and look what google had waiting for us (in Lebanon):

This is the second time Google has done this - put up special versions of their name - to commemorate Independence day. They're doing it all the time for special days in various parts of the world. You can see them all here. The archive extends back to 1998.

Here's last year's logo for Independence day.
Which one do you like better?

1 comment:

  1. Happy Independence Day! The logo with the cedar is very pretty and happy.

    Like you, I start the day with the computer. Imagine going six days without Internet or telephone, like I just had to. The incessant rain, plus some lightning, was too much for the wires that go from my little old house over to the neighbors' roof. Sometimes I feel like I am living in one of your photos. LOL

    Have a good holiday season, Mary Ann.