Peeling White and Rusted

The holidays are here. Yes, they are. Tuesday is Lebanon's Independence day, Thursday is American Thanksgiving, the 26th is Islamic New Year, December 5th is Ashoura, and then, of course the Christmases. . . .

I love holidays, school vacations, celebrations, parties here and dinners there. It's a lot to look forward to.

And it makes me appreciate a picture of something calm and manageable all the more.


  1. Very striking photo... I like it.

    And happy holidays then, that's quite a bundle of them ! So, can any roasting turkeys be found in Beirut ?

  2. Yes indeed! We have butterball in the freezer section, pumpkins in the produce markets and cranberries at TSC . . . I'm a little sad it isn't more of a challenge.

  3. This is a lovely photo ... the monochrome colour, the wear and tear, and the dainty iron railings ... all make for a beautiful composition in my eyes.