The Jeans are Gone

A while I posted a picture of this place. That picture was closely cropped around the balcony near the center of this picture. Jeans hung over the balcony.

And now, the jeans are gone. That, and the window on the left has been half closed up with what looks like cardboard.

It's that change to the window that has grabbed my imagination now. It's a pretty clear sign that someone was trying to make things inside a little more comfortable. After all, we just had all that rain and a cold snap. Cardboard isn't the best weatherproofing material in the world, but it's better than nothing and nothing is all there was before. Nothing is all that some of us have.

I hope it worked, putting cardboard in the window. I hope it made things inside a little better when the wind and rain was so bad.


  1. Given the state of the crumbling balcony, not sure I'd want to park my car under it...

    Otherwise, looks like you are going to have to stake the place out for 24 hours and see what sort of life comes in or goes out ?

  2. Woohoo we have a tenant! I'm glad there's some life inside that wonderful window. I hope the worst of the rain is over for them.

    1. Me too. On rainy days I feel particularly lucky to have a nice place to sleep.