Another urban ruin.

No windows, no doors, a ramshackle stairway that I would frankly fear to test with my own weight. I've shown other views of this building before. It's one of my local favorites. It's a gem. Check out it's other faces:

6 June
18 April
17 April


  1. Is that a recent photo ? I thought the building was brought down a few days ago!

    I remember going up on those stairs to take pictures of the interior but the building had no floors/ceiling it was scary as hell!

    I did end up taking some picture of the interior ground floor looking up, that is until the local "guard" kicked me out.



  2. I don't think I would attempt those stairs!

  3. It's sad. A sad stair, a sad house.

  4. A very cool old building. It would be so-o-o tempting to go in!

  5. Hi Patrick, I took this picture late in June--and I'm traveling outside Lebanon right now. I'll be back in three weeks and then I can check to see if it's the same one you're thinking of. I applaud your bravery, though I'm not eager to imitate it.

    I recognize the photo in your second link--it's a different building than the one in my picture, same feeling though.

  6. In that case I am pretty sure the building is gone!

    You are right about the second link! The building is a few meters down the same street.

    I do have another picture of those stairs where you can notice the inside pink walls on the last floor!


  7. I'm sorry to hear it's gone. I wish I'd taken more pictures of it, since it really was a gem.

    Photos of it are like magic now, they're here even though the building is gone.

  8. This, for me, is one of the reasons I blog. I am part of keeping the past alive. All cities must regenerate (let's not use the word 'progress') to keep the standard of living of its occupants up.

  9. This is a wonderful shot ... glad you are travelling too, makes it easier for me to keep up.