One Such Raft

You can tell the beach is nearby. Little shops that otherwise would stock little more than drinks and chips miraculously spill forth beach accessories, mostly the kind that are bright and inflatable. A day at the beach isn't the same without a boat and we could not resist.

The boat more or less secured the happiness of a half dozen children for at least as many hours.

It seems we've purchased one such raft each year for about the past five years. It's become part of how we do summer around here.


  1. A boat--what fun for the kids and anyone else who can fit into it. Just don't drift too far south. :)

  2. I was going to quote that line about boats from Wind in the WIllows, but instead wanted to point out that while boats and beach toys are surely a sign of summer in Beirut, there was a change in the intensity of colour here- noticed just this morning- that is very much the same thing: a sure sign that summer has arrived.