Start Seeing

The world is a big, complicated, chaotic place where a million things happen, change, or simply exist all at once. You can't possibly notice everything, all the details. That's why sometimes it feels like things that have been there all along begin to exist when you first think to notice them.

That's what has happened for me as I've gone around looking for tiled buildings in Beirut.

Looking for them, as a process, has pulled them from the negative space of my life.  They jump out at me now and demand my consideration, my acknowledgment of them as a genre in the context of all that is Beirut.


  1. Yes, I understand that metamorphosis completely. Nothing as blind as eyes that do not see.

    Being a photographer is a wonderful way to open one's eyes.

  2. I agree, I love all the things that have suddenly come into existence in Downey, now that I'm looking. :-)