More Balustrades

Here's another collage of balustrades. I asked a friend about them, and yes, they're made of poured concrete. Even though I've never seen this style of balustrade on a newly constructed building, my friend told me that balustrades like this are still made in Lebanon. I'd love to see the process.

Seeing how a balustrade is made would clear up a lot of things for me. For example, how do you get set concrete out of a mold? Do they make the mold to measure, or are the balconies designed around set sizes of balustrades? How do you decide which will be reinforced with rebar and which won't? Sometimes, you just have to see it to know.


  1. A set of wonderful balcony ornamentations! Exquisite!

  2. So ... go and find out! What is rebar? All these questions would pertain to the wrought iron ballustrades that are everywhere around my suburb of Paddington. I know there is a factory over in Alexandria that still makes these but mainly for the government.

    I have the tiled steps up today.

  3. As Julie says we have iron lace around here. What I like about the concrete lace is that not only the material but the design is reflective of your region.

  4. lovely collection & an interesting blog you have :)
    keep it up!

  5. Thanks, all. I have a few more of these coming.

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